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Do collagen supplements do anything for skin health?

Do collagen supplements do anything for skin health?

Your Instagram feed is likely filled with Beauty influencers who blend collagen powders into smoothies, their coffee, or mix it into their oatmeal while raving about that radiant complexion it gives them. Collagen, that most abundant protein in the body, is the main building blocks of skin.

We are born with an ample supply of collagen. Unfortunately, those levels drop 1%-2% each year starting around age 30. In addition, Sun damage, smoking, exposure to pollution and weight fluctuations can further diminish collagen production.
Collagen-containing pills, powders,and juices have become all the rage in effort to replenish losses. But are they effective?

This studies done on oral collagen supplements are limited and haven’t produce conclusive evidence about their effect on skin health or appearance. Since collagen is a protein, it is likely digested in the stomach (like all proteins) and not distributed to the skin in a way that would produce any benefits.

However, there may still be promise for collagen ability to alleviate dry skin. One study showed that oral collagen improved skin hydration in those over the age of 30 and slowed it that formation of wrinkles while increasing skin thickness.

Consider eschewing expensive powders and focus instead on protein-rich foods, as your body will convent those nutrients into essential amino acids that are needed to keep skin (and other organs) healthy. Collagen rich foods include EGGS, LEAN MEATS, LENTILS, NUTS, SEEDS, and QUINOA. Be sure to add in serving of vitamin C. Vitamin C regulates the synthesis off the collagen structure.