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Microblading | 2 hours – $350.00

*The cost includes consultation, main procedure and touch ups on the 4th and 5th weeks. Touch up after three months is $150.00 and after one year is $300.00. After two years the price will go back to the original.

Eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. If you are not satisfied with the ones you have I would like to introduce you to microblading.

Microblading is very natural option that delivers semi-permanent result. Microblading is perfect for those who wants to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill in overplucked brows.

The best part about the technique is that there is no down time. Your new set of eyebrows will be ready for a selfie immediately after the procedure. I recommend a follow-up one month after you appointment for a touch up.

Microblading is low maintenance. After healing, you can rub them, enjoy swimming, play sports.